Specialist for Supplying High Quality Air Filter

Shijiazhuang Junyangyuanyu Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. manufactures high-performance filters including indoor air filters, car and motorcycle engine filters and cabin air filters. Available in a variety of shapes - circular, rectangular, conical and cylindrical.

Whether in industrial, commercial, hotel, medical and home environment, air purifiers, air filtration systems and ventilation systems, or the engine filtration system, we can all provide you with better air / oil purification solutions.

How many types of filters we offer?

We mainly offer fifteen types of filters, they are air filter, air filter for engine, cabin air filters, conical air filters, cylindrical air filter, HEPA air filter, pleated air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, honeycomb air filter, compressed knitted wire mesh, knitted wire mesh, sintered metal filter, hydraulic oil filter, filter element.

The picture shows several kinds of our main products with different designs and sizes.

Why choose us?

  • Great variety
    Our staff has extensive experience and high degree of enthusiasm, and filtering product application and solution design are the things we do best. We mainly offer fifteen types of filters with different materials and sizes to meet customers' demand. Ranging from air filters (for indoor air circulation system / automobile engine) to engine filters (for oil filtration system in mechanical equipment), all our products have high filtration efficiency.
  • High quality
    We attach great importance to the engine filter and indoor air filter quality, energy conservation, and environmental standards. Our products are made from the best filtration materials (pleated filter paper and oil-soaked cotton gauze) and highest quality galvanized, stainless steel or other metal frame sheet. Advanced production equipment, high-quality raw materials and strict production process inspection ensure the quality of our filtration products. Top quality and maximum safety is our eternal pursuit.
  • Good service
    We try our best to provide considerate service for you, for we treat each customer as long-term cooperation partner. As long as you have any question about air filters or engine filters, contact us for professional reply. If the installation conditions special, our engineers can developed an alternative design for you. We can also supply custom designed filters, as long as you provide designs and sketches.
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Warehouse display, many fuel filters piled with each other, and many air filters side by side.
Many semi-finished filters, yellow and white, for different uses.