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  • Several sintered metal filters piled together, they have the same size, with sintered metal powder as the key feature.
  • The picture shows two air filters for engine, one of the two filters is made from filter paper and expanded metal.
  • Four compressed knitted wire meshes, they are all annular shape, but the inner diameter and height is not the same with each other.
  • Many customized filter elements, all of them are made of metal, and the shapes are cylinder, round, semicircle.
  • Many customized filter elements, some are cylinder shape, some are funnel shape.
  • Two hydraulic oil filters, one is with threaded connector, the other one is with double open ends.
  • The picture shows many yellow fuel filters piled in the warehouse, some are semi-finished products.
  • Many honeycomb air filters piled in the warehouse, two colours: white and blue.

Choose Suitable Air Filter or Other Filter Elements

It's time to change an air filter and oil filter for your car! Or need a kind of high efficiency filter in industries? You have chosen the right one at the moment you enter our website. We are a professional supplier of air filters, oil filters and other industrial filters. There are mainly fifteen types of filters for you to choose. We can help you find your ideal filter by the three "W".

Tailored to your unique product
Our engineer provide you with alternative solutions

We select the best raw material and advanced production equipment, all for seeking better solutions to car engine protection, and filtration in many chemical industries.

Rich experience in filters production, we are at the forefront in air purification industries, our main products include honeycomb air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, cabin air filter, air filter for engines.

Four types of filters, air filter for engine, hydraulic oil filter, compressed knitted mesh, sintered metal filter.
Professional supplier of air filter
Three "W" helps you find a satisfied filter
What do we offer?

We are dedicated to supplying better filtration solution to your car, indoor air purification system, and mechanical system in other industries. We mainly provide fifteen types of filters, such as air filter, air filter for engines, fuel filter, oil filter, compressed knitted wire mesh, etc. Air filter for engines help prevent small impurities entering the engine, which reduces wear of the car engine. Cabin air filter is used to reduce harmful pollution in the car, it brings you a cleaner environment inside the car. Oil filters can intercept contaminant in the oil, keeping the oil system in normal working condition.

Our main products displayed,
there are honeycomb air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, etc.
What are the advantages of our filters?

Our wide range of filers have many advantages over those of other suppliers, three main advantages are as follows:

  • Durable and long lasting.
    All of our filters are made from high quality raw materials. As for air filter and oil / fuel filter, the filter paper can maintain stable geometry after folding and pressing process, and keep filtering performance in wet and humid environment. We take PUR as sealing material to keep the maximum sealing effect.
  • Extreme environment resistance.
    Because of high quality stainless steel materials, compressed knitted mesh, sintered metal filter and some filter elements have good resistance to corrosion, rust, acid and alkali. High temperature resistance is also one of the best performances, especially the sintered metal filter.
  • Customized design.
    You can choose air filter, fuel filter, oil filter and cabin air filter according to your motor vehicle models. As for compressed knitted mesh, sintered metal filter and other filter elements, the sizes can be customized according to your requirements. Free samples are also available.
Many oil filters piled in the warehouse, the colour are blue and yellow.
Where can the filters be used?

Air filters are used in the system of indoor air purification or near the engine of the car. Cabin air filter is for purifying air inside the car, for small cars, the cabin car filter is fixed in the glovebox inside the car, the location may change according to different vehicle models. Hydraulic oil filter helps remove dirt from flowing fluid in the hydraulic system, which prolongs service life of the machinery. Sintered metal filter and compressed knitted mesh are mainly used for gas-liquid or solid-liquid separation in industries such as chemical, petroleum, tower manufacturing, pressure vessels.

The picture shows applications of filters we supply, family car use, hydraulic system and chemical industry.

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Hot Products

Sintered metal filter, made of stainless steel, copper or other alloys, is robust and corrosion resistant for filtering fine particles.

Compressed knitted wire mesh is made from stainless steel or other alloys through pressing process, it performs as filter or air gas seal.

Honeycomb air filter is made from high precision filter paper, which is folded into honeycomb holes, with advanced sealing technology to prevent air leaks.

Air filters for engines (car, truck, motorcycle) filter impurities, available in round, oval, cylindrical or conical shape, and with single or double flange.

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Here shows the method and steps of change air filter: open the box, remove the old filter and clean the box, insert the new filter and replace everything.

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