Air Filter for engines - The best protection against dirt sucked

Our air filters are designed for different applications (such as, car, truck, motorcycle), available in round, oval, cylindrical or conical shape, and with single or double flange. Available with flange diameter of 16mm to 152mm with variable port sizes associated with different widths and lengths. Filters media can be made from cotton or paper. Each filter we sell has been designed for optimal air flow and high ability to filter impurities for your engine.

The cotton air filters consist of four to six layers of cotton gauze placed between two sheets of aluminum wire mesh. The cotton is then pleated and oiled to enhance its filtering capacity and overall performance. The result is a larger volume air into the engine and protect your engine.

Air filters have a particularly high mechanical and thermal stability. They play an important role in the functioning of the engine. Through the air filter, such as dirt, pollen, sand, soot and dust particles from the air to be filtered, before the air passes into the engine. Air filter ensure lower fuel consumption and help to minimize the harmful exhaust gases. Thus, an optimal combustion with maximum engine power is ensured with low pollutant emissions.

One air filter for engines, very fine filter layer, sealing structure on the edge.
AFE-01: One air filter for Toyota car's engine, fine filter layer intercepts the impurities from the air.
An air filter, white filter cloth, fine filter property.
AFE-02: One air filter for high dirt filtration, especially installed in Korean cars.
A cylindroid air filter, with yellow filter paper.
AFE-03: Air filter can be designed into cylindroid shaped with yellow filter paper.
An oval air filter, yellow filter area with pink edge design.
AFE-04: One oval air filter with yellow filtration paper, provides excellent engine protection.
Some auto air filters displayed, different sizes and shapes.
AFE-05: A collection of air filters, different shapes and colors, usually installed in Japanese and Us cars.
One engine air filter, yellow flat surface design.
AFE-06: One air filter designed for trucks.
Yellow air filter, the filter cotton is pleated.
AFE-07: Yellow air filter with high quality, pleated filter cotton increases filtration area.
One irregular shape air filter, positive and negative display.
AFE-08: Air filter can be manufactured into irregular shape.

Tasks of the air filter

  • Protects the motor from dirt particles into the air sucked
  • Protection of the engine against wear
  • Ensure the air supply to the mixture preparation
  • Reduction of the noise level

But a dirty air filter can cause the following problems:

  • Air circulation less, Poor air-fuel mixture preparation, thereby reducing engine performance and increased emissions
  • higher fuel consumption
  • Increased wear in the engine by particles
  • Trouble starting your vehicle
  • When is the air filter for engine has above problems, you must change a new air filter to gets the optimum engine performance and reduced fuel consumption.

An air filter you should never clean
Air filters are exposed to temperature continuous loads of up to 80℃. This leads to the aging and embrittlement of the filter paper. When cleaning the air filter with compressed air can to tear the filter paper and thus cause loss of filtration performance. Often, minor cracks in the filter paper are not visible to the naked eye. Engine damage due to decreased filtration performance is not ruled out.

How to choose an air filter?
Never choose a poor quality air filter! When choose an air filter, it has two primary criteria - compatibility with your vehicle and the quality of the filter

One square air filter with yellow border.
AFE-09: Air filter can be made into square shaped with yellow border.
One iron covering air filter, yellow filter paper, cylinder shape with wire mesh outer.
AFE-10: The air filter can be made into cylinder shape with iron covering and wire mesh outer.
One small air filter with cylinder shape, white filter paper and wire mesh outer, the top and the bottom details.
AFE-11: One air filter with plastic coverings, white filter paper and wire mesh outer.
A cylinder air filter usually used for Benz, details of the bottom and the inner.
AFE-12: One air filter designed for Benz.
air filter for engine in cylindrical shape
AFE-13: Cylindrical air filter for engine
air filter for engine in conical shape
AFE-14: Conical air filter for engine
Two engine conical air filters made from woven stainless steel mesh
AFE-15: Engine air filters made from woven stainless steel mesh
One conical air filter, the colour of filtration paper is yellow.
AFE-16: One conical air filter, it is commonly used for benz truck.

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