Cabin air filters protect occupants against dust and harmful gases

Cabin air filters provide more comfort and freshness in your car, because they filter the air flowing in your car of fine dust, pollen, soot and other contaminants. Cabin filters clean the air almost 100%. So that the filter protects the occupants from the pollutants, thus ensuring a fresher and healthier air in the car. Otherwise, bad air makes you feel tired, irritates the eyes and respiratory tract. These contaminants can cause health problems for people - especially allergies and asthma.

Changing cabin filter
cabin air filter must be replaced regularly. Cabin air filter should be every 15000km - 25000km to be changed, but no later than when the windows steam up faster, the air smells bad or more dust settles in the vehicle. They are all sure signs that a change is needed. The most ideal is that you change the cabin air filter twice a year. The first time before the beginning of the year the pollen season begins in the fall to prevent fogging of the windows in the winter, the second time.

Activated carbon cabin filter - More comfort, more safety, more health

Cabin air filters with activated carbon
The additional layer of activated charcoal also absorbs toxic gases harmful to health, such as ozone, benzene and toluene, and avoids that they fit into the interior of the vehicle. Solid hazardous materials such as dust particles, soot, pollen and bacteria are filtered at 100%!

Active carbon filters even reduce odors from the air. They are usually fine pores and thus absorb more gases. It is especially during the summer when the air is saturated especially the cabin active carbon filters seriously relieve the driver and passengers.

Tasks of the activated carbon cabin filter.

  • Protection of the occupants of your vehicle against pollen, dust and pollutants.
  • Protection against harmful and odorous gases.
  • Protection of Air Conditioning.
Five cabin air filters in white or black color
Cabin air filters in different materials and sizes
One cabin air filter for BMW cars, which added activated carbon.
One BMW cabin air filter, the carbon cabin air filter can remove odor, which brings fresh air for the car.

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