Compressed Knitted Mesh for Filtration and Air Gas Seal

Compressed knitted wire mesh is made of stainless steel wire, brass wire or copper wire. By knitting and compressing, it is produced into a multi-functional mesh used in high temperature applications of gas and liquid. With various material options, compressed knitted wire mesh has good corrosion and high temperature resistance. It can be made into many shapes, such as round disc, cylinder, annular and other special shapes. Compressed knitted wire mesh has good filtration capability, heat conducting, shock absorption, which makes it popularly used as filter element and for shielding, sealing and other applications.

Eight compressed knitted wire meshes lie side by side, same sizes.
CKWM-01: Compressed knitted wire mesh can be made into round disc shape.
Several bags of compressed knitted wire meshes in a paper box.
CKWM-02: Several compressed knitted wire meshes are packaged in plastic bags first, then all into a paper box.
A plastic bag of compressed knitted wire meshes weigh 336.27 g on an electronic scale.
CKWM-03: One bag of compressed knitted wire meshes of disc shape are 336.27 g, the weight varies according to your requirement.
One compressed knitted wire mesh is measured by a tape, its diameter is 14 mm, its thickness is 5 mm.
CKWM-04: One compressed knitted wire mesh sample, the diameter and thickness are not constant value, we offer customization.
The picture shows the cross section diagram of a simple cylinder mesh being compressed
CKWM-05: Knitted wire mesh is compressed by a die-cavity, different shapes of compressed meshes can be made by changing the die punch.

How is knitted wire mesh compressed?

Knitted wire mesh can be compressed into a wide variety of standard or custom designed products, whose densities and permeabilities have a diverse range among them. Several fixed length of knitted wire meshes are placed into a die-cavity, and the top punch lower to compress the mesh to a specified pressure, which makes it hold the form of the die-cavity. By changing the profile of the die punch, more complex shapes can be made. The final size, effective density and permeability vary according to many factors, including the wire material, diameter, the type of knitted mesh and the maximum pressure in the die.

Six special shaped compressed knitted meshes, the top, bottom and side details can be seen.
CKWM-06: Compressed knitted wire mesh can be made into special shape for specific application.
One compressed knitted wire mesh, annular shape, you can see clearly the knitted detail.
CKWM-07: An annular compressed knitted wire mesh, high temperature resistance for various purposes.
Some annular compressed knitted wire meshes piled on a drain basket.
CKWM-08: Several annular compressed knitted wire meshes with same sizes for filtration.
Thirteen compressed knitted wire meshes, one is with equipped with two ferrules.
CKWM-09: Compressed knitted wire mesh can be used with ferrules, playing an important role in sealing.
A compressed knitted wire meshes, thick round ring shape
CKWM-10: Compressed knitted wire meshes, thick round ring shape.
Three ring shaped compressed knitted wire meshes with the same thickness and diameter.
CKWM-11: Three compressed knitted wire meshes with same sizes, can be used as air gap seals.


  • Material: Stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, 321, 309, 310, 201, brass, copper, other alloys are available.
  • Dimension: All the sizes are customized as per your drawings, we offer common specifications below as reference.
  • Common specifications of compressed knitted mesh
    • Disc shape: (diameter × thickness × weight) 10 mm × 5 mm × 0.54 g, 14 mm × 6 mm × 1.55 g, 24 mm × 5 mm × 2.5 g.
    • Ring shape: (outer diameter × inner diameter × thickness) 57 mm × 52 mm × 3 mm, 33 mm × 15 mm × 20 mm, 75 mm × 32 mm × 28 mm.


  • Filtration - The unique, interlocking wire loop structure of compressed knitted wire mesh performs many advantages over other filters for air and liquid filtration. The knitting and compressing process create a product for highly effective particle capture. By combining specific wire type, diameter, density and shape, any filtration problem can be handled.
    • Features: Excellent filtration capability, resistance to high temperature (1000 °C) and corrosion, heat energy absorbing, various forms (round, cylinder or others) available, low cost tooling, easy installation.
    • Typical uses: Airbag slag filter, air inlet/outlet filter for engines, oil filter cap breather, noise attenuating filters in pneumatic tools, filter for fuel injector, silencer packing for engine exhaust.
  • Knitted mesh Spacer rings/air gap seals
    By maintaining a constant gap between dual pipe and down pie, knitted mesh spacer rings and knitted mesh air gap seals are exhaust components used widely, to reduce vibration and noise in exhaust system, even with thermal expansion brought by temperature changes within the system. Due to the tiny springs formed by the loop wires (created in the knitting process), knitted mesh spacer rings act as effective vibration dampers, which can protect the exhaust components.
    • Features: Various shapes for different pipe designs, high temperature resistance (up to and exceeding 1000 °C), low-cost production, long service life

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