Cylindrical air filters - big air volume, high dust holding capacity

Cylindrical Air Filters mainly consist of fiberglass paper media and galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum plate in perforated or expanded sheet form.

Cylindrical HEPA filters mainly capture 1-5 um particles of dust and a variety of air above suspended solids. They have the following features: big air volume, low resistance, high dust holding capacity, long life, low operating costs, and easy installation. Generally used in gas turbines, compressors, blowers, dust recycling.

Fields of application and application examples
Isolator, clean rooms, ultra-cleanliness, protection process in the pharmaceutical industry, central air handling, air conditioning, zone dust controlled.

In different OD, ID, height, filter area, and air flow. It can be customized according to user specific requirements.

There is one cylindrical air filter outside the paper box, it has yellow filter paper.
Cylindrical air filter with expanded metal sheet as outer cover.
There is one cylindrical air filter outside the paper box, it has a metal cover with one hole in the middle.
Cylindrical air filter with custom code on the top.
cylindrical air filter made from yellow filter paper and perforated sheet
Cylindrical air filter from the filter paper and perforated plate
Two cylindrical air filters with expanded metal sheet
Air filters with expanded metal sheet

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