Filter Element for Various Filtration Applications

Filter element can be made into many shapes, like cylinder, disc, oval, square, bowl-shape, basket-shape, in order to adapt to various applications. A variety of materials are optional, as well as the layer number. Filter element has wide service range, covering many areas like chemical, medical, petroleum, machinery, ship and automobiles. It plays an important role in removing impurities, gas-liquid or solid-liquid separation. Send us your design drawing, we can offer the customized products as per request except for the following elements.

Six filters with plastic inner, one layer of wire mesh as outer part, the colour of plastic inner is orange and red.
FE-01: Six small filters with plastic inner support, light weight for easy transport.
A pile of plastic inner filter elements, some semi-finished products scatter by side.
FE-02: Many filters with plastic inner support, the colour can be changed.
A bag of funnel shape filters, small sizes, wire mesh as filtration layer, EPDM as edge covering material.
FE-03: Several small filters with funnel shape, the bound edge is EPDM.
Some funnel shaped filters, with white plastic bound edge, double edges design.
FE-04: Many small filters with funnel shape design, the size is customization.
One filter with cylinder shape, the body is weaved wire mesh with special design.
FE-05: One special designed filter element, the size is customization.
Nine filter discs, there are round, annular, square, and special shapes.
FE-06: Many filter discs with different shapes, single layer design.
Six cylinder filters, with six sizes, perforated metal as outer part, fine wire mesh as filtration layer.
FE-07: Cylinder filters with perforated outer, reinforcing its mechanical strength.
One filter disc with brass wire mesh as filtration layer, annular shape.
FE-08: One filter disc used in the internal combustion engine, brass wire mesh as filtration layer.
One enclosed type filter element, there are many holes that distributed uniformly on the body.
FE-09: One filter element with enclosed design, all metal construction.
One closed filter element with a connector, which is used to connect with other equipment.
FE-10: The closed filter element can be equipped with connector for different uses.
The picture shows many filter elements, with multiple layer and different shape.
FE-11: Filter elements can be made into different shapes, and their sizes are customized.
The picture shows many filter elements, cylinder shape, there are single layer and multiple layer.
FE-12: Cylinder filter elements can be single perforated layer, or multiple layer of wire mesh.
Six filter elements, the biggest one is square shape, with internal groove design, multiple layers together.
FE-13: Some filter elements with special design, we offer customization.
One cylinder filter, one metal handle makes it like a basket, stainless steel construction.
FE-14: One basket filter, perforated metal as the outer of the cylinder.
One air filter bag, yellow filter paper, metal holder.
FE-15: One air filter bag for central air-conditioning ventilating system.
One filter element, one layer of wire mesh as the filtration layer, cylinder shape.
FE-16: One small filter element, metal and plastic combination construction.


  • Stainless steel construction prolongs service life.
  • High temperature and corrosion resistance.
  • High reliability and durability.


  • Material: stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, EPDM, PP.
  • Size: customization.
  • Package: wrapped with plastic film and waterproof paper first, final loaded in wooden case or pallet.

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