Fuel filters supply engines high quality and purity fuel

The fuel filter is an important component of the engine. Modern high-performance injection systems place high demands on the quality and purity of the fuel. But the fuel often contain particles of dirt and water. Further, the formation of rust in the interior of the steel tank which can engage the fuel into the engine. This can lead to premature wear, to the failure of the fuel pump and injection system. This not only increases fuel economy and reduces engine power, but may clog and the engine to stall. Fuel filters clean the fuel of dirt particles, rust, water and fuel residues, and ensure engine a long life.

There is one pleated fuel filter packaged in transparent plastic bag.
Hydraulic fuel filter packed with transparent plastic film.
There is one fuel filter with perforated metal cover.
Fuel filter with perforated metal cover.
One fuel filter, its both ends are displayed.
One hydraulic fuel filter without package.
One pleated fuel filter with metal connector is displayed.
Fuel filter with metal connector.
Two fuel filters are displayed in the picture.
Fuel filters with small size.
One hydraulic fuel filter with metal handle.
One fuel filter with metal handle.
There are two same hydraulic fuel filters displayed on the ground.
Two fuel filters with metal cover.
One fuel filter, with yellow filter paper and two black plastic covers on both ends.
One cylinder fuel oil filter, for holding up fuel particles, water and impurities.
One fuel filter, the top end and the bottom end are displayed.
One fuel filter with one open end, connected with other equipment.
One fuel filter with metal cover, can be packaged in paper box.
One fuel filter with metal cover.
Four fuel filters in perforated metal filter paper and oil-soaked cotton gauze
Fuel filters in different material and sizes
One fuel filter and its details, both ends of this fuel filter are displayed.
One fuel filter, inlet and outlet of the fuel filter are displayed separately.
One fuel filter and one black o-ring, used together in fuel filtering.
Fuel filter is used with other accessory, like o-ring.
Two engine fuel filters, both are packaged with plastic bag.
Two same engine fuel filters, the bottom is displayed.

Distinguish between diesel filters and petrol filters
Diesel filters usually have a bowl-shaped design. You need to filter more water from the fuel, which they reduce the lubricating effect of diesel. Diesel filters can be heated, so that in very cold not the paraffin in the fuel is filtered out accidentally. And fuel filters are usually incorporated directly into the suction line and are located in a metal or plastic housing.

Maintenance of the fuel filter
Fuel filter should be serviced regularly, normally this one just replaces the filter. For this, the old fuel filter is separated from the fuel line and replaced by a new one.

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