Honeycomb Air Filter Provides Clean Air for The Engine

Honeycomb air filter is one kind of efficient air filter, the filter paper is made into fluted design, which makes the dirty air enter in one flute and exit the filter through an adjacent flute. The fluted channels are alternatively sealed, which assures the air filter against air leaks. Honeycomb air filter intercepts harmful substances in the air, supplies the cleanest possible air with the least airflow restriction to the engine, which enhances the performance and efficiency of the engine, and reduces engine wear.

Two honeycomb air filters with different colors, sizes and covers, filter paper folded into honeycomb holes.
Two honeycomb air filters with covers, different shapes and sizes for different cars.
Two honeycomb air filters with different sizes, one blue filter paper and one white filter paper, folded into honeycomb holes.
Two honeycomb air filters, honeycomb holes for enlarging filtration area.
It shows the folding of filter paper, forming honeycomb holes.
The honeycomb holes of the air filter enlarge filtration area and high dirt holing capacity.


  • Material: Wood pulp filter paper, poly urethane, rubber, iron, plastic, etc.
  • Colour: White, blue, or other colours as per demand.
  • Product dimensions: 13" × 10.1" × 8.9", 11.8" × 11.4" × 4", 17.35" × 9.96" × 9.8", 13" × 11" × 7.8", other sizes are available according to your car type.
  • Filter efficiency: 99%.

Operating principle - how it filters dirty air through flutes

  • Dirty air
    Dirty air enters an open flute on the dirty air side of the filter and is filtered in one pass through the medium. The contaminants stay inside the filter through the filtering process.
  • Clean air
    The filtered air exits the filter through a flute which is open on the clean air side of the filter.
  • Flute
    Filter medium is formed into large amounts of flutes, which are layered to offer tight and rugged structure for the filter. The fluted channels are alternately sealed, which makes the air enter one open flute and is forced to exit through an adjacent flute.
The picture shows how the honeycomb air filter works, that is how the dirty air travels in and clean air out of the filter.
Dirty air travels in the filter through one flute and clean air travels out of the filter from an adjacent flute.


  • High degree of mechanical production process, smooth surface and interface without burrs.
  • Good quality filter paper ensures high filtration precision.
  • High dirt capacity, flow management for excellent filtration performance.
  • Equipped with tight seals to stop unfiltered air from entering the engine.
  • Supply the cleanest air with the least airflow restriction to the engine.
  • Enhance the performance and efficiency of the engine to extend its service life.
One honeycomb air filter warehouse, many honeycomb air filters piled with each other.
One honeycomb air filter warehouse displayed, many processed air filters are prepared to be packaged.

Naturally the products will be wrapped with protective wraps and then packed with paper boxes separately.
We offer custom made brand and logo as per your need.

There are several blue honeycomb air filters packed in transparent plastic bags.
Honeycomb air filters are usually packed in plastic bags first and then in carton box.

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