Hydraulic Oil Filter Helps Remove Dirt in Operating Fluid

One hydraulic oil filter with threaded connector on one end, coarse mesh as filtration layer, both ends details can be seen.
One hydraulic oil filter that helps remove dirt in the operating fluid in the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic oil filter is made to help prevent hydraulic system troubles, most of which is contamination of oil. It is installed in the oil suction mouth of the oil pump to filter out foreign substances from the operating fluid, such as metallic powder. The filter is just like a "kidney" of the hydraulic system, which is often been unaware of existence, but plays an important role really, because contamination of oil often leads to failure of equipment and efficiency loss.

Why do we need a hydraulic filter?
Hydraulic oil is easily contaminated by small particles in hydraulic system because in every minute, approximately one million particles which are larger than 1 micron can enter the system, that may cause damage to the system components. A hydraulic filter (suction filter) can help to remove the dirt and particles from the fluid to clean the oil on a continuous basis. Its performance is measured by contamination removal efficiency.


  • Complex structure, high filtering precision.
  • High oil flow capacity.
  • A variety of specifications, customization is also available.
  • Stainless steel construction for good corrosion and pressure resistance.
  • Easy to install and clean.
  • Good construction for long service life.
One hydraulic oil filter, with double open end, pleated filtration layer.
One hydraulic oil filter with fine filtration layer, its fine mesh improves filtering efficiency.
The picture shows the inner part of one hydraulic oil filter, which has double open ends.
The perforated cylinder as inner part of one hydraulic oil filter reinforces its mechanical strength.


The picture shows one hydraulic filter's sectional drawing.
The sectional drawing of one hydraulic filter, its specific dimensions can be seen in the form below.
Specification - hydraulic oil filter
Code PT A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) Flow (L/min) Filtration mesh Weight (kg)
HOF-050 1/2" 64 29 99 89 33 100 0.12
HOF-075 3/4" 64 34 133 121 50 100 0.14
HOF-100 1" 64 42 158 144 110 100 0.18
HOF-125 1-1/4" 64 50 178 164 180 100 0.19
HOF-150 1-1/2" 83 65 194 180 246 100 0.32
HOF-200 2" 102 75 210 200 384 100 0.42
HOF-250 2-1/2" 158 97 274 252 750 100 1.20
HOF-260 2.6" 160 105 249 235 780 100 1.23
HOF-300 3" 158 110 274 252 800 100 1.21
HOF-400 4" 208 142 379 356 1000 100 2.45
Note: The specifications above are just as references, we offer products as per customers' drawing design.

The hydraulic oil filter is installed in the oil tank, connected with oil pump suction mouth by the screw-thread. It is widely used for protecting oil pump from being blocked by the impurities.

Hydraulic oil filter should be regularly cleaned and replaced timely in order to avoid blockage.

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