A Series of Filters for Filtration

Air filters for engines (car, truck, motorcycle) filter impurities, available in round, oval, cylindrical or conical shape, and with single or double flange.

Air filter is used in air purifier or for engines where air quality is important. Air filters from two types filter media - pleated filter paper or cotton gauze.

Cabin air filters clean the air flowing in your car, and protect the occupants from the pollutants, ensuring a fresher and healthier air in the car.

Conical air filters for racing vehicles, radio-controlled cars, generators, snowmobiles and tractors. Available in different angle and diameter.

Cylindrical air filters mainly consist of fiberglass paper media and galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum plate in perforated or expanded sheet form.

HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) applies to any filtering device. HEPA filters can capture at least 99.97% particles with 0.3μm diameter.

Pleated air filters provide more filtration area and greater dust retention, in round, cylindrical or conical shape, or in stainless steel or galvanized frame.

Oil filters clean the engine oil of dirt particles and contaminants. Oil filter protects engine from premature wear and ensures lasting constant engine power.

Fuel filters collect dirt particles, rust, water and fuel residues from fuel, and ensure engine a long life. It should be serviced regularly.

Honeycomb air filter is made from high precision filter paper, which is folded into honeycomb holes, with advanced sealing technology to prevent air leaks.

Compressed knitted wire mesh is made from stainless steel or other alloys through pressing process, it performs as filter or air gas seal.

Knitted wire mesh, made of metal or non-metallic, has excellent filtration ability with unique interlocking loop structure.

Sintered metal filter, made of stainless steel, copper or other alloys, is robust and corrosion resistant for filtering fine particles.

Hydraulic oil filter is usually made of stainless steel, to eliminate contaminants from the hydraulic fluid, avoiding abrasive wear of the machine.

Filter element can be made from many materials for different applications, various shapes are customized.