Knitted Wire Mesh for Gas-Liquid Separation

Knitted wire mesh can be made of any material that can be drawn into wire form or shape, mostly are metal wire or PP. The mesh is produced by a special knitting process where the mesh forms a series of interlocking loops. Manufactured by specialized heavy-duty machinery, knitted wire mesh production is based on the principles similar to garment knitting. It can be used in its original flat form or further processed by folding, laying, compressing. One common type is to crimp the knitted wire mesh into a diagonal or herring-bone pattern, which gives the mesh additional depth. The wire can be mono-filament or multi-filament (multi-strand), either one has greater plane springiness and two-dimensional flexibility than common woven wire mesh or fabrics. Due to its great physical and technical quality, plus the crimped or compressed process, it has alternative characteristics for meeting wide range of specific applications.

The picture shows a close look of the knitted wire mesh, made from stainless steel.
KWM-01: Flatten type knitted wire mesh, the interlocking loop construction protect the mesh from damage.
One section of stainless steel knitted wire mesh, you can see the structure clearly.
KWM-02: The unique interlocking loop structure makes the knitted wire mesh have more advantages over other filters.
The picture shows green knitted wire mesh, and the detail of knitting, it is made of polypropylene.
KWM-03: The knitting machine can make the wires into mesh type, whatever it is metal or non-metallic.
The picture shows one machine that is producing PP knitted wire mesh, the mesh colour is green.
KWM-04: The PP knitted wire mesh can be manufactured by specialized machine with high efficiency.
The picture shows how the crimped mesh is made.
KWM-05: Crimped knitted wire mesh manufacture diagram, shows how crimped mesh is made.


  • Various materials to choose.
  • The interlocking-loop construction protect the mesh from damage (exceeding the material's yield point).
  • High porosity, less pressure drops.
  • Great corrosion resistance for long service life.
  • Light weight and low cost.
  • Large surface area, high demisting efficiency.

Polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE, FEP, PVC, stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, other alloys.

How to make crimped knitted wire mesh?

The knitted wire mesh can be processed into crimped knitted wire mesh, whose tinny springs prevent damage from the most severe vibration and shock in applications. One single length of knitted wire mesh is feed between a pair of crimp rollers. When the mesh (metal material) is crimped, it is deformed to a new corrugated profile. While by changing the crimp angle across the rollers, and the gap between the crimp rollers, other profiles of crimped wire mesh are made.

The picture shows a roll of crimped knitted wire mesh on the table.
KWM-06: Knitted wire mesh can be made into crimped shape by passing the knitted mesh through crimp rollers.
One section of crimped knitted wire mesh, folded into square shape.
KWM-07: Knitted wire mesh can be crimped and folded into different shapes, such as square.

Knitted wire mesh can be used as cleaning gauze and pot scourer, not only for cleaning pots or pans, but with uses in all the catering, janitorial industries, and a wide range of heavy-duty cleaning applications. Apart from these, added mesh grille and support means, knitted wire meshes can be made into various demister pads (mist eliminator) with different materials, which is widely used to remove large liquid foam in suspended stream, and to filter out tinny liquid foam in gas-liquid separation device in the industries such as chemical, petroleum, tower manufacturing, pressure vessels. There are several types of demister pads with alternative materials, surface area, structures, please provide us with your drawings that fit your project.

One stainless steel pot scourer, produced by knitting process.
KWM-08: The stainless steel pot scourer is qualified for cleaning jobs with high efficiency.
Three PP pot scourers, they are light green, blue, pink.
KWM-09: The PP pot scourer is perfect for sensitive surfaces with its gentle touch, it will not scratch metal and glass surfaces.
One stainless steel demister pad, with metal grids on one side.
KWM-10: The demister pad is used for removing liquid droplets from gas or vapor streams.
There are several polypropylene vapor-liquid filters piled with each other.
KWM-11: The PP demister pad is widely used in environmental protection projects of flue gas desulfurization, removal of harmful substances.

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