Oil filter- maximum removal efficiencies, constant engine power, less wear

One engine oil filter out of the box with cylinder shape and white filter paper.
The engine oil filter can be packaged in paper box separately.

Oil filter clean the engine oil of dirt particles and contaminants such as dust, abraded metal, carbon deposits, soot particles before the oil enters the engine. So only clean oil reaches the lubrication and bearing points. The Oil filter protects the engine from premature wear and ensures lasting constant engine power. Otherwise these dirty makes the engine power decreases, which increases fuel consumption and in the worst case lead to engine damage.

The purified from Oil filter engine oil has several functions in the engine. For serves to minimize a friction of the moving parts in the engine, which are continuously in motion. Furthermore, the engine oil metal abrasions incurred by the friction of the engine components transports. Furthermore, the oil used for heat transfer, and protects the fine sealing components from corrosion. The oil filter cleans the engine oil again from these abrasions and prevents sustained the engine.

Oil filter should be replaced periodically to ensure the engine has stable and reliable performance.

A oil filter from yellow pleated filter paper and perforated metal
Oil filter from pleated filter paper and perforated metal
Two oil filters from oil-soaked cotton gauze and woven mesh
Oil filters from oil-soaked cotton gauze
One small oil filter, yellow pleated filter paper.
One small oil filter for Toyota cars, with yellow pleated filter paper.
One packaged engine oil filter, it shows what the bottom is like.
The bottom detail of one engine oil filter.
One engine oil filter, with transparent plastic packaging.
One engine oil filter for removing the dust and metal particles in the engine oil.
One engine oil filter, yellow filter paper.
One engine oil filter, with yellow filter paper design.

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