Sintered Metal Filter for High Precise Filtration

Sintered metal filter is produced from sintered metal powder or sintered wire mesh. The objective is to create a material which is robust enough to ensure its mechanical strength, also provide a porous structure that can serve as a filter medium. Sintering (diffusion-bonding) is a process that combines heat and pressure in high temperature furnace, making the whole structure rigid and with high porosity. Sintered metal filter can be manufactured into different formats, like cartridge, disc, laminate, cylinder, either one is an ideal choice for process filtration applications where high strength, excellent corrosion and temperature resistance are required.


  • Material: Common material includes stainless steel 316, stainless steel 316 L, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 304 L, copper or other alloys.
  • Working temperature: Continuous operating temperature ranges from -50 °C to 600 °C.
  • Classification: According to the shape design, we can divide the sintered metal filter into four
  • Types: sintered metal filter cartridge, sintered mesh laminate, sintered metal disc, pleated sintered mesh cartridge.

Sintered metal filter cartridge
The material of sintered metal filter cartridge can be sintered metal powder or sintered mesh, either one can be manufactured into double open ends or single open end, threaded connection or flange connection is also available according to customers' demand.

  • Sintered metal powder filter
    • Material: stainless steel powder, copper powder.
    • Porosity: 28% - 50%.
    • Filtering accuracy: 0.2 µm to 100 µm.
    • Aperture: 4 µm to 160 µm.
    • Performance: resistance to acid/alkali, extreme high/low temperature, fire prevention, anti-static.
    • (One sample) Inner diameter: 41 mm, outer diameter: 49 mm, height: 30 mm, weight: 80.89 g, other dimensions can be customized.
  • Several sintered metal filters, with stainless steel powder as original material, one's size and weight is measured.
    Some sintered metal powder filters are displayed, sizes can be customized.
    Several sintered metal filter cartridges with different shapes and sizes, they are made from sintered mesh.
    Sintered metal filter cartridges can be made into double open ends or single open end with connection.
  • Sintered mesh filter
    • Standard material: SUS 316 L, SUS 304, 316, 304, 317 L, 904 L, 321, titanium, other alloys are also available.
    • Filter rating: 0.2 micron to 300 microns.
    • Standard outer diameter: 64 mm.
    • Other outer diameter: 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 64 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 350 mm.
    • Standard inner diameter: 28 mm.
    • Length: 10" (254 mm), 20" (508 mm), 30" (762 mm), 40" (1016 mm), 60" (1524 mm), other sizes are available.
    • Fittings: Double open ends, single open end, o-rings on one end, threaded connection.

Sintered mesh laminate
Sintered mesh laminate is made from several layers of woven wire meshes, five-layer sintered mesh is commonly used. The layer of wire mesh can be plain woven wire mesh, dutch woven wire mesh (plain or twilled can be selected), sintered metal fiber felt and perforated metal. Sintered metal fiber felt is filtration layer owing to its finest structure. Perforated metal can be regarded as the reinforcing layer that enhances the mechanical strength. Meanwhile, the number of layer is also as required to satisfy various filtration applications.

Layer distribution of one five-layer sintered mesh, five layers of square woven wire meshes sintered together.
Five-layer sintered mesh can be made from square woven wire mesh or dutch woven wire mesh.
One five-layer sintered square woven wire mesh, five layers of square woven wire meshes sintered together.
One sintered mesh laminate, five layers' structure.

Pleated sintered mesh cartridge
The main component of pleated sintered mesh cartridge is the folded filter layer. It is made from sintered mesh, then folded and cut into cylinder shape. The inner part can be made into perforated metal cylinder to reinforce its mechanical strength. Fittings of pleated sintered mesh cartridge may be o-rings or zinc-pleated end caps.

One pleated sintered mesh cartridge, the inner part is one perforated metal cylinder, the outer is pleated sintered mesh.
One pleated sintered mesh is the combination of perforated metal cylinder and pleated sintered mesh.
Many sintered metal discs displayed, different sizes, some discs are manufactured with round, square, star shape holes.
Sintered metal discs are made into various sizes, some are made from sintered wire mesh with one layer of perforated metal.

Sintered metal disc
Sintered metal discs are made from sintered wire mesh through laser-cutting. The sintered metal discs can be single layer or multi-layer. In the center of the sintered metal disc, there can be manufactured into several shapes like round, square or star shape. Diameters of the discs range from 10 mm to 3000 mm, customized design is accepted.


  • Good resistance to high temperature and corrosive environment.
  • High mechanical strength and stability.
  • Precise pore size distribution and fluid flow permeability.
  • Various shapes for custom configurations that reduces expensive machining operations.
  • Easy to clean and long service life.
  • Cartridge and cylinder formats have seamless structure.

Sintered metal filters are recommended for filtration application of air, liquid, solid at higher operating temperature and corrosive environment (Nitrate, sulfuric, acetic, hydrogen, acetylene, etc.), sintered metal powder filter is especially for sour gas filtration. As a porous material, sintered metal filter is widely used in the industries such as catalyst recycling, food and beverage, environmental protection, chemical, pharmaceutical, and metallurgy.

  • Gases: filter fine particles in nitrogen stream.
  • Food and beverage: iron oxides removal in steam service, and pulp removal from fruit juices.
  • Chemicals: filtration in chemical processing, precious metal catalyst removal from organic intermediates stream.
  • Water: pure water production and circulating water filtration in electric power plant.

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