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How to change air filter for engine by yourself?

Air filter provides clean air to the engine of the vehicle. If it is dirty or clogged, your engine may come to idling or convulsions, which will increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle. So, We must check the air filter with every oil change and replace both drain.

Note that it is useless to try to clean a dirty filter, it will have no effect, filter replacement is preferable.

Tools include:

  • a new air filter.
  • screwdrivers can be useful to open the air box.
  • a damp cloth.


  • Locate the air box. Remove the fasteners holding the box.
  • Open the box. Remove the old filter and clean the bottom of the box.
  • Insert the new filter and replace everything.
A yellow rectangular engine air filter made from filter paper
Rectangular air filter for engine
New air filter replace the old one
Change air filter for engine

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